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Reverse Mortgage Training

Course Number: LO_101 – Access Course

This course is designed for Loan Officers learning how to use ReverseVision. It takes you through the creation of a loan, moving the loan to origination and then to processing.

Module 1 – RVX WorkSpace
  • Tour the ReverseVision Exchange Navigation
  • Learn about the Pipeline and how to find loans in the pipeline

Module 2 – Entering Initial Loan Data

  • Creating a loan
  • Enter Borrower information
  • Enter Other Loan Participants
  • Manage Addresses and Relationships

Module 3 – Rates and Fund Distribution

  • Select a Loan Product
  • Allocate Funds in Multiple ways

Module 4 – Fees

  • Overview of Fees
  • Adding a predefined Fee
  • Adding a custom Fee
  • Fee Validation

Module 5 – Comparison Screen

  • Overview of the Comparison screen
  • Line-by-line definition

Module 6 – Generating a Proposal Package

  • Add your picture to the Proposal Package
  • Generate a Proposal Package

Module 7 – Moving the Loan to Origination

  • Move the loan to origination
  • Overview of Additional Fields on the Borrower Screens
  • Overview of Property Screen
  • Overview of Case Screen

Module 8 – Generating an Application Package

  • Final Fee Validation
  • Creating the Application Package
  • Options when creating the application package

Module 9 – Notes

  • Creating Notes
  • Categorizing Notes
  • Managing Documents within Notes

Module 10 – Moving the Loan to Processing

  • Assigning a Processor
  • Changing the Status
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